Download Viber for Android

Today this application become so popular, that you will not find a person who has smart phone but does not have Viber. But if it has happened - you can always send him an invitation with a link to download Viber for Android, which can be downloaded in minutes.

To use Viber it is a pleasure, because all voice services are available free of charge. The speed of 3G phones is enough for high-quality communication without interruptions and noise. Nevertheless, it is recommended where possible to connect to WI-FI channel, because the mobile Internet can be stopped at any moment.

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At the moment by downloading Viber on different devices, Android leads by a wide margin. And more and more popularity this app gets among desktop operating system Windows 10 / 7 / 8. Viber here is used just like a regular ICQ or Agent Mail only also possible to call anywhere in the world without paying a penny! If you want to upgrade or find new useful program for your Android device, please search on our website and you'll find many useful programs for both phone and tablet.

Basic technical characteristics of Viber for Android:

  • Completely free usage of the software without restrictions;
  • Supports more than 14 languages;
  • The new version has the ability to make video calls for free;
  • Variety emoticons and stickers;
  • The ability to use instant messenger to 2 devices (PC or tablet / phone);
  • 24/7 technical support to its customers;
  • Public chat rooms;
  • Variety of characters to create animated messages;
  • All calls and SMS are available free of charge without limit:
  • Economical use of traffic and energy gadgets if work in the background;
  • Frequent updates and new versions of Viber - the removal of all the errors found.

Download Viber for Android