Download Viber for Windows 8

If you have reached this page, most likely you are already familiar with the wonderful app which is called Viber - a free application for making calls all over the world, where there is Internet. The main functionality of Viber is to exchange instant messaging between users or a group of people in a chat, making calls, sending video files, sending photos, using stickers and even more.

Version of Viber for PC is not very popular, but it is temporary, and every day there are more people who want to install this messenger on their computer. The audience that enjoys Viber is quite different, but mostly it is  young people between 16 - 25 years.The developers claim that they have more than 300 million downloads and installations of their applications on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

viber for windows 8 

You have chosen to download Viber for Windows 8 on your computer. It can be done very simply by clicking on the link in the end of the description of the program. After downloading, you will have to run the installer which will install Viber to your computer.

And then you will enter yout telephone number. Then all contacts will automatically slide into the program. If after downloading you have problems with the installation of Viber on your computer, you can read the article "How to install Viber on your computer." In the description, you'll find step by step instructions, proper installation of Viber on any PC or laptop.

Download Viber for Windows 8 free