Download Viber for Ubuntu

Viber program was developed for its usage only on mobile devices, but a not so long ago there was designed for operating system MAC OS X and Windows. Earlier Viber Media created Viber for Ubuntu on the type of public beta.

Currently binary documents are available for downloading (but only for 64-bit architectures). Originally Linux client Viber characterizes itself as a mobility program, where mobile access to all your contacts are available in a special list of addresses to which you can call, send text messages and so on.

viber for ubuntu

Viber - is a program and it combines some options of Skype and WhatsApp and which can be used to commit totally free calls, to send text notifications, pictures and video messages without the need for registration procedure (all the contacts on your mobile device who installed the app Viber, will automatically appear as the address of the application Viber).

Properties of Viber for Linux:

  • You can make voice calls in HD-quality;

  • You can make video calls
  • Messages: text, image and stickers;
  • Group conversation;
  • Full synchronization of data between a client for mobile devices, and Linux;
  • No registration required or entering of a password.

To carry out the download of Viber for Ubuntu, use the version available only for 64bit! To start Viber on Ubuntu, make decompress of the downloaded zip-archive to your home directory, and then perform the following command to start the program Viber: ~ / Viber /

Download Viber for Ubuntu 64bit