Download Viber for Laptop

Viber for a laptop is a version of the acclaimed application that was originally intended for users of smartphones and tablets. But in the shortest possible time the application has become so popular that the developers could not help creating a version adapted for user’s desktops and laptops.

Imagine that on your laptop installed a program that allows you make free calls to other users and applications, to share with them test messages, photos, video and audio files. By the way, at the end of 2013 there were about 280 million users of the program, the application translated into more than 20 languages.

Sometimes Viber is compared with Skype. Another popular application, with which Viber is often compared - WhatsApp. But ofcourse Whatsapp is less powerful and has its minuses:  it can only be installed on a mobile device, which has a SIM card. Besides, Whatsapp is not a free app - after first year of free usage you will have to pay money.

viber for laptop

The installation process is almost standard and does not require the intervention of specialists. After the installation you will have to enter the phone number, to which will be sent an SMS message with the code, which is needed to activate the application.

Viber was presented to the world in 2010, but after a while it has became  very popular. Today, the application is registered a huge number of users who have appreciated all the advantages offered by the application.

With the help of the service, users can not only call up and chat for free anywhere in the world where there is Internet, but also to share the coordinates of their location, photographs, audio recordings, videos. And certainly not the last in the list of benefits is the fact that on a laptop Viber is completely free.

Free Download Viber on Laptop for Windows

Download Viber for Laptop