Download Viber for Windows 7

Viber is now presented as an application and available not only for smart phones and tablets, but also for desktop computers, and particular based on Windows. Today, many users compare Viber with popular in this field Skype program. Viber for Windows 7 was really a serious competitor to the popular Skype, because in addition to similar features with it, Viber is ready to provide users with some unique features.

The first feature of Viber is process of registration and authentication. Unlike Skype and similar programs, in Viber for start of usage you just must download the programm, enter the mobile phone number and select the appropriate nickname for yourselve. As for the list of contacts, users need only to enter a cell phone of person who you want to add to your Friend list. 

viber for windows 7 1

Today, developers had presented version of the app for smartphones and tablets, based on the most popular platforms Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone and Mac OS X, so you can fully synchronize the mobile device and the PC.

Possibilities of Viber for Windows 7 are as wide, as possibilities of application which is installed on your smartphone or tablet:

  • Opportunity to make calls and video calls  to all users of the application for free.
  • High quality connection.
  • Free text messaging, sending of multimedia files: photos, video and audio recordings.
  • Variety of stickers and smiles.
  • Support of group calls and text chats.
  • Synchronization of operations between the PC and mobile devices: call history, messages, etc.
  • Support of work  through Wi-Fi and 3G network.

Start of using Viber on a personal computer will take only a few steps:

  • Download the application and install it.
  • During the  installation, enter the mobile phone number;
  • Perform the activation of the program through entering the code of the SMS which will come to a specified number.

Download Viber for Windows 7