Download Viber for Mobile

Today, more and more popularity among smart phone owners acquire the so-called messengers that allow free text messaging. Among such programs, the most popular is Viber. Viber for phone has several unique features that make the program extremely comfortable.

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But the main advantage of Viber is primarily in its simplicity, which allows you to use all the vast range of possibilities. The intuitive interface of the program will make it not only easy to use, but also maximum convenient.  

Once you decided to download Viber to phone, you will have to install the application, and then enter your phone number in order to activate the software. After the installation, the program will automatically scan the list of contacts on your phone in order to determine who of your contacts is also use the program.

This approach helps users to simplify the formation of the contact list in the application Viber, because thanks to this approach, you will not have to enter the contacts in the program manually. You can also install Viber on any computer  

An additional benefit of the program is the fact that it can be installed not only on the phone, but also on popular tablets of Apple, because the necessary code for the activation can be obtained, including devices that are not equipped with SIM- card.

The developers have made to the functionality of the program a set of simple but very necessary functions. In particular, the creators emphasize on voice calls, which are free of charge. Each user can carry out unlimited calls using WiFi and 3G networks of mobile operators.  

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High quality, precise and clear audibility are more surprising, taking into consideration that fact that the use of the program  is absolutely free.

Management of software built in such a way that in order to, for example, respond to an incoming call from another user it is not required to run the application itself. If the incoming call is from a person with whom the conversation at this point is not desirable, the user pressing a button can terminate the call.  

I would like to draw users' attention to the fact that you can make free call to only another user of Viber. If the call is addressed outside the network of Viber, it will be done through a network of mobile operators, and as a consequence, you will have to pay according to the standard tariff of your mobile operator. Special tab "History" will allow the user at any time to view the history of calls, both outgoing and incoming, and missed. 

Naturally, the functionality of Viber, which was originally conceived as a messenger, is not limited only to calls. Text dialogues are a priority in the work of this application, and therefore, the quality of this section of text messages as high as the quality of calls. The interface itself is maximally simplified.

The owner of a smart phone should simply select a contact from the contact list - and you can begin to chat. In this case, Viber actually acts as free SMS and MMS service through which you can cost-effectively send and receive messages and multimedia files: video recordings, audio recordings and recordings from the recorder, pictures and photos.  

Finally, we would like to note that recently, developers have submitted Viber version which is adapted for use not only in phones, but also on personal computers. Thus, Viber is quite serious competitor for the world-known program Skype, because it does not concede any functionality or quality.

Download Viber for Mobile