Download Viber for Nokia

With the new cross-platform application called Viber users have a unique opportunity to make free calls, send free text messages, photos, video and audio. Now, free communication has no boundaries - it takes place wherever there is Internet access. Today Viber for Nokia compatible with smartphones based on Symbian 3 9.4. Today Viber - not just one of the programs to communicate - Viber is able to give users the ability to communicate with the world. 

Main features of Viber for Nokia:

  • Free calls to all users.
  • The ability to send free text messages.
  • Ability to send media: audio, voice messages, photos and videos.
  • When you install an application on a smartphone and a PC it is possible to synchronize devices for work of Viber.

So wherever you are, you can easily share your impressions and emotions with loved ones by sending them fresh pictures or video, adding brightness to messages via using emoticons or stickers.

It is convenient to use the application for work - now you dont have to sit near computer and to wait when your partner will be online, because now you can easily send all the necessary documents, accompanied by text comments with your smartphone Nokia, wherever you are  

viber for nokia

Today Viber is adapted and translated into 28 languages that will allow you to communicate with friends and colleagues from other countries. The developers have made Herculean efforts to make the application as easy as possible for users - to answer an incoming call, you do not have to go into the application - notification of an incoming call automatically displays. Thus, in order to accept or reject the call, you will need just one touch on the phone screen.

Download Viber for Nokia

Download Viber for Nokia